Ryan Pyburn

Founder, Co-Owner & CEO

MJ Rasmussen

Founder, Co-Owner & Event Coordinator

Ryan has been Playing board Games for 20+ years and just started getting it, yesterday!  Ryan has 15+ years of Retail Management Experience and is the man behind the Curtain.

Air Force Veteran, who was told by her wife to find a hobby. Lucky for us she found her love for all things Board Games.


We are a Fun and Exciting Game store that you can come to shop the latest and greatest games, hangout and play. Bring some friends, or join in an event, to make new friends.


Our goal is, for you the customer, to find the inner gamer in you and love every interaction at our store. 

May that be playing Role Playing Games, Collective Card Games, Puzzles, plus even old and new Board Games. 

We Offer Great Perks to Our Loyal Customers  

Every dollar you spend at B Side Games you earn a point. Each point gets you 2% to spend on a later sale.

For example, if you have 1000 points you can get $20 dollars off any Regular-priced Item in our store.

A minimum of 200 points must be used.

Can only use once per purchase and can not be combined with any other sales

If for any reason we don't carry the gaming item, we'd love to order it in for you, at no extra charge!

We strive for customer satisfaction and that is why we have a wide selection. 


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